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a journey into  the creative process

... letting your soul speak and step into the world is often like watching a dream unfold. accepting things to happen, witness your unconscious manifest itself .... these are precious moments when I manage to let my mind and

ego take a back seat ...


ART YOUR SOUL. beate arens art               


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About me

I was born in Duisburg, an industrial town in Germany. After studying fashion design in Paris, I spent my career in the pursuit of beauty through design and art. 


Living and working in Paris, New York, Berlin as well as extensive travel shaped my love for the expression of objects, materials and textures that have aged….decayed, long left and forgotten.

I am mesmerized by the stories they tell…lost, heavy industries, communities and personal fate. I search for the human trace...trying to find an expression, a reconstruction of the way we remember a person, a situation.

Time leaves it´s mark and I wonder what we can see looking into the marbled soup of time and space. How do memories settle in overlapping images? Where do we find sense in provocative contradictions ? 


As part of our globalised world where strangers across the globe are connected through social media, I cannot help but fear if our most precious differences, roots and traditions are melting away to a standard that seams to dissolve dimensions. Like a language so simplified that it can be understood by anyone, but that fails to carry the weight of our culture and identity. In this idea I want to remember and celebrate strange beauty and uncompromising individualism that still holds the expression and belonging to worlds of mystery.


Über mich


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