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a journey into  the creative process

... letting your soul speak and step into the world is often like watching a dream unfold. accepting things to happen, witness your unconscious manifest itself .... these are precious moments when I manage to let my mind and

ego take a back seat ...


ART YOUR SOUL. beate arens art               


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About me

My life, divided between 26 years spent in urban environments

(Paris, New York, Berlin) and that of remote country and nature

(Mallorca), had a profound influence on the way I relate to the world around me.

As unimagined new technology pulls our existence forward, I participate in part with great curiosity and excitement but also with the fear of an ultimate loss of control... and humanity.

The pull between the two worlds influenced an expression between the figurative and the abstract. The constructed and the expressive. To find a way of bringing order, rhythm and wildness together.

My work is an examination of the question that arises within these contrasts:

How can our natural instinct guide us in this new digitalised world?

How do we make sense of the chaos that results from it?

How do we stay in touch with nature and the wilderness that we so long for and we are trying to save...?

Über mich
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I1988       Baccalaureate, Germany

88-91.     Apprenticeship in traditional tailoring

91-93.      ESMOD Paris, Study fashion design

93-97.      Designer for LOUIS VUITTON, HÉRMES, Paris

97-2010.  Design Director for RALPH LAUREN, ABERCROMBIE&FITSCH

                 GAP, MARTIN&OSA, SAMSUNG, New York City

10-2017.   Full time painting, Berlin

17.2024   Painting, Mallorca/ Berlin


2012.      Quadratisch Schwarz Weiss, Berlin

2014.      Bundgrisenheim Stiftung, Eurotraum

2014.      Malanders

2015.      Etchings, Lithografie, Kunstwerkstatt Berlin Treptow

2016.      Exhibition Hofliferanten Düsseldorf

2020      Anton, Artspace, USA

21-23.     represented by HMH galleria Andratx Mallorca 

2022.      BGL lounge Palma FACES

2023.      HMH galerie ABSOLUTE FEMININ

2023.      Artbox EXPO, Art Basel, Semi Finalist



- Quadratisch Schwarz Weiss catalogue

- DER RECHENSCHIEBER, Verlag Mayer-Steudte : 9 781234 567 897

- ARTBOX PUBLISH Zwitzerland: BEATE ARENS 978 3 0366 0312 4 


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